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A new way to eat!

We specialize in eco-friendly edible utensils to celebrate life's sweetest moments.

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Why edible utensils

Get excited about our delicious, fun, and eco-friendly edible utensils that will change the way you eat forever.

Let's make your next foodie experience a memorable one!

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Why choose us?

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Premium Quality

Our products are made with 100% natural cane sugar, and are free of artificial sweeteners. They have been designed specifically to optimize utility and consumption for your special guests and customers. Each product is inspected and packaged with love before they arrive to your door. From concept to delivery, we care about the sustainability and professionalism of the entire production process.

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Unique and Memorable

Our edible utensils are guaranteed to start a conversation and remain a highlight in someone's event or gifting experience. Would you remember the entire speech given by your manager at your office holiday party? Nah, but you will remember savouring an edible coffee flavoured spoon!

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Personalized Experience

At Candy Cutlery, no request or partnership is exactly the same. This is why we love learning about your special occasions and unique needs. For us, being part of your planning team is the greatest honour.

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Sustainable Solution

Sustainability is at the core of our entire business. From the way we work to our product offerings, we invite you to learn more about our sustainability practices. Eco-friendly packaging offerings, vegan and gluten-free ingredients, and how we commute are three of many ways we show the environment that we truly care.

Happy partners give us joy!

The Candy Spoons Were Very Popular! Stephanie

Oh, I love the flavours of the spoons! Jessica

These products are of fantastic quality. Mercedes

Why be an adult when you can eat from a candy spoon? Abbey

The team at Candy Cutlery is delivering a fun, ingenious, and slightly zany product, which keeps plastic out of landfills and the ocean. Joshua

Candy Cutlery is an amazing example of what the passion of youth and their innovation can do. Creating edible cutlery addresses many sustainable needs and could be revolutionary if adopted globally! Prof. Burga

I tried an ice-cream in an edible shot glass with an edible spoon!!! Very cool creative concept. No plastic waste!This invention belongs to Candy Cutlery, check them out. Natalie

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Company values

Our Story

Inspired by the environmental impact created by plastic waste...a designer, food scientist, and business analyst came together to change the world with the creation of edible utensils. Since April 2016, the Candy Cutlery team has grown from 3 people to 12, working passionately to create exceptional and sustainable experiences for your next celebration.


Billions of plastic and non-biodegradable utensils are thrown into oceans and landfills annually. Candy Cutlery is on a mission to save oceans, people, and animals with our futuristic solutions. You can create purpose and be a part of our mission by simply choosing our delicious edible utensils instead.


We pride ourselves in being able to support the growth of exceptional, entrepreneurial talent in Canada. Our team values diversity, gender equality, and practising sustainability. We're always looking for passionate people to grow with us. Contact us below to learn more about our current openings.

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